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Dark Footage Entertainment

About Us

This is how we operate:

  • Our worldwide distribution platform is free to join.  There is no starting cost.  Simply send a direct link to the film you wish to submit to our screening department at:  If your film meets our criteria, we will send you an instructional e-mail and upload directions contained within the contract.  Dropbox, WeTransfer ect. It's that simple.

  • We are free.  We do not purchase the films we host, nor do we charge the filmmaker in order to host their work on our platform.  Because of this, once your film begins to gain revenue, all income is direct profits.  There are no starting losses to recoup.  We do withhold a percentage of the profits as a commission fee a 50/50 split.  The specific details regarding the revenue split are contained within the contract, but know that Dark Footage will earn income with you the filmmaker, or not at all.  And all of the royalties from your film will be transferred into your PayPal account quarterly.  If you submit a film that is accepted, you will be sent a contract with all of the relevant information.  

  • Dark Footage Entertainment VOD our plan is to be a GLOBAL distribution company.  We are partnered with marketing firms to promote our website both domestically and internationally.  We actively promote our site and, with it, all of the films hosted therein.  Our goal is to work with each contracted filmmaker by providing a viewing platform on which to place their work.  We bring the viewers to our platform and your poster and trailer do the rest.  We will send you a list of the needed promotional materials if you submit a film that is accepted.

  • We are not subscription based.  Dark Footage Entertainment VOD utilizes a different method of gaining revenue for our hosted filmmakers:  Direct rentals.  The amount charged depends upon the length of the film, and the profits are not shared with the other filmmakers.  We believe that the income from your film should correlate with the individual performance of you film.  As fellow filmmakers, we feel that if your project is out performing another hosted filmmaker's, your profits should reflect the difference.  This method also enables friends and family to support the filmmaker without subscribing to yet another website in our highly automated world.  

  • You decide how much income you gain.  The more effort you put into promoting your own film, the more money you will make.  This is why we highly encourage filmmakers to self promote their work to friends, and followers, using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.  If a Facebook friend follows your link to our site, they may decide to explore the sight and rent another film, but they are more likely to just rent your film.  This direct rental method, combined with fact that filmmakers, if approved, have their work placed on our website for free, is how you would gain your profits.  Hence, the more effort you put in the more money you will make!

The Team

The People of GSL

Catherine Moore
Curtis Webb

Executive Producer

Nick Ferguson

Production Manager

Andrew Simpson

Creative Development

Harlow Banks
Joe Priestley

Technical Director

Kevin Jen

Financial Director

Sharon Page

Office Manager

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